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Outer Fabric

  • Water repellant, breathable and antimicrobial (does not house bacteria) Outstanding resistance to washing.
  • Body moisture and warmth are the ideal biosphere for bacteria. Bacteria exploit the organic content of the body moisture generated.
  • The degradation products of this exploitation are associated with unpleasant odours.
  • The outer shell fabric counteracts this odour formation and ensures hygiene and freshness.
  • The finish on this fabric protects against the spreading of health hazardous bacteria.


  • These nappies are designed to expand with the growth of your child so they can be used for the duration of their nappy life!
  • The studs are light but sturdy and are easy to open and close based on their needs, while the Velcro holds the nappy in place securely the entire time, strong and steadfast.
  • The fabrications used are superior, have longevity and are SABS approved.
  • The style is white with our cute embroidered branding at the back in pale grey.
  • Snuggle Bunny nappies have been designed for maximum comfort with the velour towelling adding extra softness and snug ability to cater to your baby’s needs!
  • Use extra pads for night times, these can be purchased separately

Wash Care

  • Wash nappies and inners prior to use, as this helps with absorbency and for hygienic purposes.
  • Rinse nappies and store in a tightly sealed bucket with lid.
  • Lemon juice can be rubbed on stains on the towelling as this is a a natural bleaching agent.
  • Do not use any strong detergents or bleaches.
  • An eco-friendly washing powder and adding 1/2 cup of vinegar to your wash at the beginning of the cycle, freshens and softens your nappies making them smell clean.
  • Fabric softeners affect the absorbency of the towelling as it coats the fibres, so this is not recommended.
  • Rinse the nappies and inners in cold water before washing.
  • Make sure Velcro is attached to Velcro and nappy is closed for washing, preventing attachment to other fabrics.
  • Snuggle Bunny nappies are machine washable at 40 degrees.
  • Line dry with inside facing sunshine.
  • Remove inner pads when washing and these must dry separately.
  • Tumble dry on medium heat if needed, but air drying is always best!


  • 100% cotton absorbant inner fabric for comfort and durability.
  • Cotton is a natural fibre which is breathable and safe, providing the child friendly fabric needed.
  • All towelling fabrics benefit from tumble drying on a low setting, and air drying is always best.
  • Washing softeners affect the absorbancy of the towellling as it coats the fibres, so this is not recommended.


  • Strong and steadfast to hold the nappy in position.

Adjustable Studs

  • Studs are an ideal adjusting feature for growing babies.


  • Adjustable for growth
  • Elasticated sides to prevent leakage
  • Great absorbancy
  • Maximum comfort
  • SABS appproved


  • Eco friendly and biodegradeable, saving the planet and preventing up to 1 ton of landfill waste.
  • Long term savings as the first 2 years can cost up to R13,000 per child with disposables.
  • Singles and packs availabe with cost savings when purchasing packs.
  • Money back guarantee on all nappies.